Traditional Scrip

Individual fundraiser and a great way to earn money for your assessment account on money you are already spending each month! The gift cards also make great presents! [important]

Scrip Dates

November: Due: 10/25/13 by 7pm Pick Up: 11/1/13 December: Due: 11/29/13 by 7pm Pick Up: 12/6/13 January: Due: 1/3/14 by 7pm Pick Up: 1/10/14
February: Due: 1/31/14 by 7pm Pick Up: 2/7/14 March: Due: 2/28/14 by 7pm Pick Up: 3/7/14 April: Due: 3/28/14 by 7pm Pick Up: 4/4/14
May: Due: 4/25/14 by 7pm Pick Up: 5/2/14 June: Due: 5/30/14 by 7pm Pick Up: 6/6/14 July: Due: Thursday, 7/3/14 by 1pm Pick Up: 7/11/14
Special Dates Black Friday: Due: 11/9/13 by 7pm Pick Up: 11/16/13 Christmas: ONLINE ONLY Due: 12/13/13 by 7pm Pick Up: 12/18/13 Spring Break: ONLINE ONLY Due: 3/14/14 by 7pm Pick Up: 3/19/14
[/important] Order Online Please sign up with the enrollment code for Naydenov, 148B8B9A15186 (must use caps), enter your child's team name under classroom/teacher and the gymnast's name under student/child.
Online version of Script. One Cause is a great way to earn money for your gymnast's account on everyday purchases made online, much like the Scrip program. Why not earn money on what you are already planning to spend! Once you sign up, the only thing you need to do is go to one cause website first or add the one cause tool bar to your computer and then visit the webistes you frequent, i.e. Expedia. From that point you automaticlly earn money for your account!!! For example, if you use priceline to book your airfare, hotel and rental car for a family of 4. It can cost around $2000 and up! Earning 2% for your account can drop $40 into your gymnasts account by doing nothing more than making your purchase with stopping at one cause first! You can also earn money for your account just for visiting many retailers websites!

Sign Up Today

    • Use our organization number, 147830 or click Support this Cause
    • Simply fill out your profile, choose our booster club, choose your preferences
    • You can have family sign up as well and just have them enter your email address in the Dues Crediting. Sign as many family members up as you want!
    • Then every time you are making an online purchase, just make sure you are signed in to one cause to begin making money. From there everything is tracked for you. There is nothing else to do. Every quarter your earnings will go into your gymnast's account!
Are you scrip user? Many places you can buy scrip cards for, then use them online to make your purchases! This increases your profit!
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