Maddie’s Kettle Korn Fundraiser


Maddie’s Kettle Korn

Order Form Welcome to Maddie’s Kettle corn fundraising extravaganza!   Kettle and Caramel corn are a tasty treat that with the fall weather upon us, is a special treat to many that will no longer be able to get at the local farmers market! We are a small mom and pop company here in Vancouver WA!  We have been doing fundraising for the last 4 years, and helped many schools, teams, programs make some extra funds to help offset costs. What makes us unique from other Kettle Corn?  Probably not much, except we take pride in making sure our product is fresh for YOUR customers.  We want to make sure they will want to come back to you for more product.  Here is how your fundraiser will work for you.  Each bag will come with a special “Thanks For Supporting”…..  Which personalizes it from a generic label, but lets your customer know that they are helping YOU raise money for your event or team.  Our bags are 10.25 Oz’s of delicious fresh popped Kettle or Caramel corn.  This is all hand popped not processed thru a company, we are local.  The bags are sealed in a 2 mil bag for the longest freshness.  Our corn will stay fresh in a sealed bag for two months, but please don’t hold on to it that long, it’s really the very best for a month. Allergies…nope not here!  We ONLY use corn oil.  Our corn is gluten free, peanut free, calories…well, what we don’t know won’t hurt us right? Corn, sugar, corn oil, salt.  Caramel is a caramel sugar mix, no dairy! Maddie’s Kettle Korn wants to help you raise money in your accounts.  Here is how this will work.  You will take the attached order form, and talk with friends, family, have your parents take to work for coworkers.  This is a great treat to have at parties, movie night, and great for gift giving as it comes sealed with a label.  What about a movie basket for someone???…ideas are endless. We will do two different flavors for your group.  We normally just do Kettle, but we have been asked to include Caramel.  How much do you make???  Well, it is broken down like this: Per each $5 bag of Kettle corn, you will get 40% of that back to you!  That would be $2 into your account. Per each $6 bag of Caramel corn, you will get 33% of that back to you!  That would also be $2 into your account.  Why Caramel so much more, well, customers love Caramel, but it costs sooo much more to make we have to charge more.  We want to be this as easy and convenient as possible for each of you.   We have certain dates that we will be popping this corn fresh.  Gives you some time to get orders, and collect funds.  Here are the dates for orders and deliver: Delivery October 28, 2013  - orders will be delivered to Naydenov Gymnastics for pickup in the afternoon. Time TBD November 27, 2013 – orders turned in! Delivery Dec 2, 2013 orders will be delivered to Naydenov Gymnastics for pickup in the afternoon. Time TBD December 6, 2013 – all orders for Christmas must be turned in! Delivery December 16, 2013 orders will be delivered to Naydenov Gymnastics for pickup in the afternoon. Time TBD If you have orders of 5 or more, you can contact me in between order dates and see if I have any on hand that you could have before the order date.  We have had anxious customers before, and it’s nice to try and get them product, brings them back for more!!!  Thank you for letting us help you this season make some easy yummy funds…We do have one warning…..Once you stop eating this stuff, it’s REALLY hard to quit!! This will work like every other individual fundraiser, you pay for the cost and profit up front, we will hold checks for 30 days to give you a chance to sell.  Contact Molly if you have any questions! -