Optional Scholarships

NBC Optional Girls Scholarship Fund

The Naydenov Booster Club is proud to provide a scholarship program for optional gymnasts who without scholarship funding would be unable to participate in competitions. (Provided that there are sufficient funds available. This applies only to the girl’s team – at this time the boy’s team has not set up a scholarship program). Monies allotted for this program will be recommended by the budget committee during the annual budget process and approved by a vote of the general membership. These funds will come from NBC as well as specific fundraisers designated to the NBC scholarship fund. Funds then will be divided between those who qualify after General Membership approval.
The gymnast must be competing at an optional level.
A gymnast would not be able to attend competitions without the help of the scholarship.
A written letter to the Board of Directors explaining the circumstances for the need of scholarship funding.
Parent or Guardian is unable to pay competitive assessment fees or raise sufficient funds through individual fund raising opportunities provided by NBC.
The general membership will approve the scholarship on an Individual case basis.
The applicant must be in good standing with Naydenov Gymnastics.
The scholarship funds may only be used to help offset the competitive assessment, and will be dispersed in increments to offset competition costs as they come due. (Not to exceed the amount allotted by the General Membership)
The scholarship funds may only be used during the competitive season.
Any scholarship funds not used during the competitive season will revert back to the scholarship fund.
Prior recipients may not carry over funds to a future season; they will be required to re-apply each year for re-evaluation.
Assessment costs exceeding the scholarship monies allotted to the recipients will be required to be paid in accordance to the assessment payment schedule.
If these payments are not met all applicable procedures and by-laws will apply. 
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