Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club ByLaws

Updated 2019


Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club Introduction

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club to cooperatively raise funds to support all competitive Naydenov gymnasts in their pursuit of excellence.

Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club

Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club (the Booster Club or NBC) is a non-profit organization, supporting our Naydenov gymnasts. The Booster Club is affiliated with Naydenov Gymnastics Center, one of the few gymnastics facilities in Vancouver. The Club provides monetary and administrative support for athletes participating in local, state, regional, national and international competitions.

History of Naydenov Gymnastics Center

The founder of Naydenov Gymnastics Center is Jordan Naydenov, born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The original Vancouver gym was opened in 1983. In 1992 the business was moved to its current location on 94th Avenue.

Jordan competed nationally in Bulgaria before coming to the United States in 1982 to work with Ringling Brothers as a circus gymnast. He designed and built the gym to facilitate students of all ages, training them for competition, while gaining self-esteem, self-discipline, strength and balance.

Naydenov Gymnastics is currently owned by Kevin Jenkins. Today, Naydenov Gymnastics Center offers training for competitive gymnastics, recreational gymnastics, dance and martial arts.

Competitive Gymnastics

The staff at Naydenov Gymnastics Center includes coaches who are trained to instruct gymnasts at a competitive level. In cooperation with the owner, parents/guardians, and gymnasts, coaches form competition teams. All practice equipment and instruction are provided by the gym and included in Naydenov Gymnastic Center’s fees.

The Booster Club was organized to coordinate the participation and funding for competitive gymnastics. It performs various functions relating to these events, such as registering gymnasts with the USAG, selecting uniforms, entering teams and gymnasts in competitions, and much more. It is also responsible for the budgeting and accounting of competition costs, and in funding competitions through organized fundraisers.

Naydenov Gymnastics, coaches, and the Booster Club work together to ensure that the business of the gym and the interests of the coaches are considered, and that the competitive experience for the gymnasts is a positive one.

Naydenov Booster Club Standing Rules and ByLaws Effective 2017-2018


1. The name of the organization is Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club (the Booster Club or NBC).

2. The location of the Booster club is the Vancouver area. Mailing address: PO Box 820603, Vancouver, WA 98682.

3. Members, Officers, and Board Members are prohibited from using the Booster Club as a means of obtaining private profit and/or to further individual purposes and gain. Members, Officers, and Board Members shall not receive compensation or salary from the Booster Club for his/her services. However, the Booster Club may enter into contracted relationships with the Booster Club Members, Officers, and Board Members for services that require a substantial time commitment in order to facilitate larger fundraising opportunities such as the organization and execution of a competition. If the contracted work exceeds that allowed by governmental regulations for a 501(3)c organization, the compensation will be reported as legally required by all parties involved.

4. The Booster Club shall maintain liability insurance for board officers, chairpersons, and club volunteers.


It is the mission of Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club to cooperatively raise funds to support all competitive gymnasts in their pursuit of excellence.


The membership of the Booster Club shall consist of:

1. At least one “active member” per gymnast who is a parent or legal guardian of a Naydenov Gymnastics Center competitive gymnast.

2. Optional “contributing members” are any other adults who support the purposes and objectives of the Booster Club.

3. Membership in the Booster Club is optional. However, if a parent or legal guardian choses not to participate in the Booster Club, he or she must work with his/her coach and/or the Booster Club to coordinate USAG and competition-related activities.


1. Active members have voting privileges. Only one vote may be cast per competitive gymnast. A contributing member does not have a vote. 2. The general membership shall vote on the following items: A. The approval of the annual budget. B. The annual election of board members. C. The approval of the Board recommendations for Interim Board Members. D. Petitions requesting the removal of a board member from office. E. A change to the ByLaws. F. The approval and/or change to any written procedures. G. The approval of any non-budgeted item over $200.

4. All other business of the Booster Club will be conducted by the Board of Directors.

5. At all meetings, except for the election of Board Members, all votes shall be by voice. For election of Board Members, ballots shall be provided and there shall not appear any place on such ballot that might tend to indicate the person who cast such ballot.

6. At any meeting, if a majority so requires, any question may be voted upon in the manner and style provided for the election of Board Members.


1. General Membership Meetings

There shall be two general membership meetings per calendar year. One meeting will be held in May and include the annual election of the officers. The other will be held at least one week prior to USAG night and shall include the approval of the annual budget.  These dates may be adjusted by the Board of Directors as necessary.

The call for a general membership meeting must be made with 10 days advanced proper notice and must state the main purpose for the meeting.

2. Special Meetings.

Additional meetings requiring the attendance of the general membership may be called by the Board as it deems necessary for the best interest of the organization. Specifically, business requiring a general membership vote should be performed at a Special Meeting. The call for a Special Meeting must be made with 10 days advanced proper notice and must state the main purpose for the meeting.

3. Board Meetings.

Regular scheduled Board meetings shall be held once each month in the evenings to accommodate working members. General members are strongly encouraged to attend.  Proper notice shall be posted with the proposed agenda as soon as possible. Changes to the date and time or the cancellation of the regularly scheduled meeting may occur at the Board’s recommendation.

Board meetings are open to all members. Every effort shall be made to notify members of any change or cancellation of the regularly scheduled meeting.

A. The standard agenda that will be used for all meetings, included in Attachment A.

B. Minutes will be kept and posted for all Booster Club meetings.

4. Executive Committee Meetings.

The Executive Committee is made up of the members of the Board. The Board may call an Executive Committee Meeting as needed. Executive Committee Meetings may be closed to members and are for discussion purposes only.

No business will be decided by vote in an Executive Session. The standard agenda in Attachment A and minutes will be kept for all Executive Committee Meetings but pubic record will refrain from including personal information that could be considered private or potentially damaging to a coach, member, or gymnast. General information will be provided as requested by any coach or member.

Executive Committee meetings will consider requests for the Scholarship Fund for families experiencing financial and/or personal hardship.

Board of Directors:


1. The property and business of the Booster Club shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the six Officers or the six Officers plus the Past President, depending on if a past president is serving.

2. A quorum of the Board must be present in order to conduct business (vote). A quorum of the Board is defined as two-thirds (2/3) of active officers.

3. A simple majority of the quorum will carry Board votes.

4. The Board may establish, modify, and terminate committees and the membership thereof, as it deems necessary to conduct the business of the Booster Club.

Board Positions:

1. The Naydenov Booster Club Board of Directors will consist of six Officers or seven members (the six Officers and Past President):

President Vice President of Fund Raising Vice President of Competition and Communication (C&C) Secretary Club Treasurer Assistant Club Treasurer Past President (optional)

2. Only active members of the Booster Club are eligible to be nominated and serve on the Board of Directors. Secretary, VP of FR, and assistant Treasurer require a minimum of one (1) full year of experience with competitive gymnastics. President, Treasurer and VP of C&C require a minimum of two (2) full years of experience with competitive gymnastics.

3. Six of the Officers shall be elected to a term of one-year. The President, Vice President of C&C, and the Secretary will serve beginning June 1st and concluding May 31st. The Club Treasurer, Assistant Club Treasurer and the Vice President of Fund Raising terms will coincide with the Club’s fiscal year – September 1st through August 31st. Overlap of a previous officer’s support and initiation of an upcoming officer’s support outside of a term is strongly encouraged to promote the organization’s goals and ensure a smooth transition of business.

4. The past president shall optionally serve a maximum of a one (1) one-year term. Once the one year term has expired or the past president has resigned the position, the Board will operate with six Officers until a new president has been elected by the membership.

5. In the case of resignation or removal from office, the Board as a whole will assume the responsibilities of the vacant position. Within a reasonable amount of time, the Board will present a replacement to the general membership for approval. Once approved by the general membership, the replacing officer will serve the remainder of the original term.

Election Chair and General Election Procedures:

1. In March of each year, the Board will appoint an Election Chair, who will present candidates for each elected office of the Board to the general membership for election in May.

2. The Election Chair shall be eligible for nomination for an office. If the Election Chair chooses to accept a nomination to an office, they must first resign as the Election Chair.

3. The Election Chair will post a sign-up sheet for officer positions. The Election Chair may accept candidates for officer positions by electronic or in person notification.

4. At the annual membership meeting in May, the Election Chair will over see the election. Each position will be voted on individually, in the order of President, Vice President of Fund Raising, Vice President of Competition and Communication, Secretary, Club Treasurer and Assistant Club Treasurer. The Election Chair will present to the general membership the list of the candidates. Nominations may be accepted from the floor. Voting will be by written ballot. The Election Chair will count the votes and report the results to the Membership.

5. If an officer position is not filled in May, the Election Chair will accept candidates for consideration and vote at subsequent Booster Club meetings. The current Officer will continue in his/her role until a new Officer is elected or the current Officer resigns. It is the responsibility of the Board to recruit for Officer positions or the Board may vote to pay a non-member contractor to fulfill the responsibilities of that unfilled position.

Removal of Board Members:

1. Any Active Member of the Booster Club may submit in writing a signed petition to the Board of Directors requesting the removal of a Board member. The petition should clearly state the reasons for the request.

2. Within thirty days from receiving the petition, the Board shall schedule an Executive Committee Meeting to review the petition. From this meeting, one of three resolutions must occur:

A. The Petitioner may elect to withdraw the petition.

B. The Board may elect to move the petition to a Special Meeting of the general membership for a vote no later than 30 days from the date of the Executive Committee Meeting.

C. The Board and the Petitioner may agree to remedial actions and the petition will be withdrawn.

3. Minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting will be kept and provided to the general membership.

4. If the petition is moved to a Special Meeting of the general membership, the minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting will be read and approved. Time will be allotted for a general discussion on the petition. The general membership will then vote to approve or deny the petition.

General Duties of Officers:


The President shall exercise general authority over the affairs of the Booster Club. He/she shall use his/her best efforts to promote its purposes and objectives as outlined in these By Laws and other approved documents of the Booster Club. Generally, the President should perform duties inherent to the Chief Executive Officer of any organization.

Vice President of Fund Raising (FR).

The Vice President of FR is responsible for all activities relating to fundraising for the Booster Club. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining guidelines for fundraisers, monitoring the progress of fundraisers and collections of funds to ensure that guidelines are being followed, recruiting volunteers to lead fundraisers, tracking member participation, confirming accuracy of information and passing along previous year’s information to next Vice President of FR.

This position also shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

Vice President of Competition and Communication (C&C).

The Vice President of Competition and Communication shall coordinate all activities relating to competition for the team(s). He/She shall guide and lend support to all practice teams by initiating contact with host gyms of proposed meets, providing information received to meet coordinators, communicate meet information to team moms and coaches, provide an assessment of estimated meet expenses, schedule travel for coaches for all meets, prepare and distribute meet packets prior to each meet, and create all meet fund requests prior to submission to the Club Treasurer.

Additional duties include tracking coaches’ USAG membership, background checks, and safety renewal dates. The Vice President of C&C will also perform the end of the year reconciliation of the meet expenses. The Vice President of C&C will ensure that the coaches post projected gymnast level for the upcoming season of competition at least 1 week prior to USAG night.

The position of Vice President of Competition and Communication can also assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President of C&C has the ability to enlist an assistant if needed.


The Secretary shall keep and distribute all minutes for the Booster Club meetings. He/she is also responsible for all Board notifications and postings. The Secretary shall also maintain an active roster of all competitive gymnasts, by team, with names, competition numbers, and other pertinent information (parents’ names, phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, etc.). The Secretary is responsible for oversight/cooperation or being an administrator on all social media accounts or other apps related to the competitive teams and the Booster Club business. The Secretary also maintains the Club’s Bylaws, editing and updating all approved amendments. The Secretary will work with Team Representative/Parent to keep the file folders accurate as needed for communication purposes.

Club Treasurer.

The Treasurer is responsible for all the financial activities of the Booster Club. The duties include, but are not limited to, keeping accurate financial records, preparing drafts as authorized, filing timely and accurate tax returns and other reports required by law, maintaining and distributing gymnast financial statements, preparing the annual budget, and completing a monthly financial and budget report for NBC review and providing it at the monthly booster club meetings.

The Board strongly prefers that the member in this position has a background in accounting and record keeping. The Treasurer also oversees the activities of the Assistant Club Treasurer.

Assistant Club Treasurer.

The Assistant Club Treasurer is responsible for financial activities of the Booster Club as assigned by the Club Treasurer. The duties include, but are not limited to, the primary individual in charge of picking up the Club’s mail and distributing to the appropriate Board Member as well as preparing bank deposit transactions as directed by the Club Treasurer. If responsible for banking transactions activities, the Assistant Club Treasurer should not include keeping the financial records of the club or reconciling the Club’s bank accounts.

Other Club Positions:

The Club has other non-Board of Director positions available, such as fundraising chairs, meet coordinators, and social media Chair(s). These positions are appointed by the Board. Individuals remain in the position until resignation or termination by the Board.

A Meet Coordinator is a specific Board-appointed position with significant responsibilities. A Meet Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all activities related to a meets held by Naydenov Booster Club. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, overseeing a meet committee, coordinating all aspects of the fundraiser, fiscal review and responsibility, and communications with members and the community.

Team Representative Position (aka Team Parent or Team Mom): Each practice team will have one coach appointed team representative position. The team parent is responsible for the following:

-Attending the Booster Club meetings. In the event they cannot make the meeting, they will make every effort to appoint someone from their team to attend in their place such that he/she can represent that team in discussion and report back to the team parent.

-Sharing information from the meeting back to their team.

-Forwarding emails and reminders for upcoming events.

- Providing current and accurate information to the Secretary for the team roster that includes gymnast name, date of birth, level, a parent/guardian name, phone numbers, address, email address etc as needed by the Secretary.

-Communicate to the VP of Competition when there is an injury or illness on the team and the gymnast needs to be scratched from a meet.

-Refer all new parents to the team to the Booster Club ByLaws, financial procedures, and other documents. They will also assist in making new parents aware of the financial and time requirements.

-Encourage parents to communicate through the team mom first.

Budget and Finance:

1. Each parent/guardian will donate into the Booster Club treasury to offset costs associated with competitive gymnastics. This donation may be paid outright or may be raised by participating in scheduled fund-raisers. Donations may not cover all estimated expenses.

2. The funds of the Booster Club shall be kept in financial institutions selected by the Board. Withdrawals of funds shall be made with the signatures of two authorized Board Members. Two authorized Board members will sign all checks.  The VP of fundraising and Assistant Treasurer are not allowed to sign checks; the other 4 Officers are able to sign checks.

3. No withdrawals will be authorized by any Board Member for non-budgeted items in excess of $200. Non-budgeted items less than $200 must have the authorization of the President, or in his/her absence, either of the Vice Presidents. If the President is involved in the non-budgeted item request, either of the Vice Presidents may authorize the item.

4. The Board shall prepare and present to the general membership a proposed annual budget no later than one month prior to the first competition of the regular competitive season. The budget must be approved by two-thirds of the membership present.

5. Any amendments or changes to the approved budget in excess of $200 must be approved by two-thirds of the membership present at a special meeting.

Club Participation:

1. The success of the Club is dependent upon members volunteering their time and participating in the Booster Club activities. The Booster Club strongly encourages participation by all members.

2. Representatives are encouraged to participate in the following:

A. Serve a full term as an officer.

B. Chair a General Fundraiser

C. Chair a Committee.

D. Volunteer to work two “General” fundraiser events. Fundraisers are defined in the supplemental Budget & Financial Procedures and may include a competition or/meet, garage sale, leotard sales, etc.

3. All members are strongly encouraged to work all meets hosted by the Booster Club

4. All Booster Club members are encouraged to communicate with the Board Members in person, by e-mail, by text, or other any other means necessary to promote the Booster Club purpose. The Board will respond to Booster Club member questions or concerns in a timely fashion.


1. The Articles of Incorporation of the ByLaws of this organization may be amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voting members present, so long as specific amendments to be voted upon are provided (mailed, emailed, or in their file) to the membership of record no fewer than 14 days prior to the meeting in which the amendment shall be decided.

2. Roberts Rules of Order, Revised. Unless specifically directed by these ByLaws or any approved, supporting procedure, meetings will be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

3. These ByLaws supersede any and all previous ByLaws and written procedures.

Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club Standing Rules & ByLaws Attachment A: Meeting Agenda

1. Call the Meeting to Order. 2. Approve Minutes for the previous meeting. 3. Officer Reports. A. President B. Vice President, Fundraising C. Vice President, C&C D. Treasurers E. Secretary 4. UnfinishedBusiness 5. NewBusiness 6. Set Next Meeting. 7. Adjourn

Naydenov Gymnastics Booster Club Standing Rules & ByLaws Definitions Competitive Gymnast.

A competitive gymnast is any gymnast who is currently on a Naydenov competitive team with a current USAG number.

Legal Guardian.

A member will be considered an active member if they are recognized as the legal guardian of a Naydenov competitive gymnast by a legal entity, i.e. the IRS, the State of Washington, etc.

Proper Notice.

Proper notice is considered any notification that is posted in at least two places:

1) Posted on the NBC Website. 2) On or near the front door of the gymnasium. 3) On the dedicated bulletin board for the booster club in the back gym. 4) Distributed through team e-mail. 5) Distributed through other electronic forms/apps/social media.

Regular Competitive Season.

The regular competitive season begins in the summer of the current year and runs through the spring of the following year, dependent on the gymnast level or elite status. Fiscal Year.

The Fiscal Year of the Booster Club runs from September 1st to August 31st.

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