November 2017 Meeting Minutes

NBC Meeting Minutes 2017-11-8
  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Chad Weaver, second by Devon Ebbing.
  2. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved by a majority.
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President - Will be in China for 5 weeks; back on December 15th  If you need Chad, please contact Devon Ebbing or Renee Weaver who can pass along urgent messages.
    2. VP of C&C -  All final levels are in!
    3. VP of Fundraising - See below in unfinished business.
    4. Treasurers - USAG numbers all paid.  All leotard costs will come through on the next statements.  NBC is paying entrance fees for meets and those will start to come through on your assessments as well.  
    5. Secretary - nothing.
  1. Chair Reports
    1. Social media Chair - Annette.  Posting on FB page for all our fundraising events.
    2. Rock and Roll Chair - see below in new business
    3. Finance Committee Chair - Michaela not present
  1. Unfinished Business
    1. Fundraising
      1. Chipotle -Lead Annette Ferren.  $550 raised to general fund.
      2. Can collection -Lead Sonya not present.  General fund.
      3. AmazonSmile -Lead Rita.  aka account is in place and fully functional.  General fund.
      4. Script -Lead Rita.  Easy way to get money by buying gift cards.  Some companies you can reload purchased cards on your phone.  Can get 2%-16% back.  Individual fund.
      5. Used leo sale -Lead Natalie Alvarez.  Running now.  This is successful enough to repeat at Rock & Roll.  Individual fund.
      6. Menchies -Lead Annette. This is happening this Sunday from 12-4.  Raising 20% of sales.  General fund.
      7. Bath product fundraiser for Christmas.  Lead Annette. Limited interested by group.  Opted to not pursue.
      8. Moda Center.  If interested, contact Chad.  Individual fund.
    2. Revision of ByLaws - Will go out by e-mail this week for a vote at the December meeting.  Mostly minor changes.  Some additions including 1) the option to contract for services deemed above and beyond normal responsibilities for big fundraisers (meets) 2) clear statement that booster club participation is optional but that it would require parents to work closely with the booster club/coaches for competition related activities 3) protocol for if an officer position is not filled in May 4) VP C&C will have additional responsibility of ensuring coaches give (tentative) level information to parents at least one week prior to USAG night 5) Secretary is responsible for having/maintaining admin info on social media, apps, or other booster club related electronic business 6) booster club officers/board members may be contacted directly for any concerns related to booster club business and members will respond in a timely fashion
    3. Revision of Financial Proceedings - Still in the works.
  1. New Business
    1. Fundraising
      1. Rock and Roll - two day event this year; about 325 gymnasts registered
        1. Profitability:  Will be very hard this year unless we get almost everything donated.
          1. We need to pay for venue, equipment rental, awards, Ad book printing, judges
          2. Potential for donations:  gymnast favors, food for judges, food for volunteers, medical equipment, decorations, raffle items, items for purchase (candy grams), Ad book ad space - we need to work on donations NOW because of end of year for most businesses cut off is early December.  We will post donating company names in our ad book and on our website.  Last year we had ~3000 patrons come through our meet!  Natalie’s husband works for Dave’s Killer bread and can get donations.  If we can get gift cards donated by grocery stores this would help towards the cost of everything listed above.  Please help by approaching your local grocery store.  All info on how to do this will be sent out very soon.
        2. Chair positions this year
          1. Meet directors:  Chad & Renee Weaver; Nancy Hill
          2. Floor manager:  Andy Orzotti
          3. Decorations:  Deanna Mutschler
          4. Hospitality:  Breanne Burdick and Noel Austin
          5. Awards:  Michaela Byers
          6. Volunteers:  Stacy Newell
          7. Admissions/Medical:  Devon Ebbing
          8. Gymnast check in:  Rita Sanders
          9. Raffle:  Bree Davis, Lyn Y.
          10. MC:  Dean Evans and Gina Chiles
          11. Ad book:  Christy Minor - we need to work on ads NOW.  Please everyone help.
        3. Rock and Roll Meeting will happen - TBD.
        4. Rock and Roll favor.  Multiple things discussed including bath bombs at $2 per bomb.  T-shirt coupon that we would pay for - $5 each.
        5. Meet profit distribution/compensation - Because of the risk of low profit this year, we shouldn’t contract for chair work or we will risk no profit for the booster club and jeopardize our ability to cover our budget for the 2018-2019 season.  Therefore, we will need to distribute profits after USAG night 2018 to returning gymnasts accounts after budget fulfillment.  We will vote on distribution specifics at the February or March booster club meeting 2018 once we know profits.
          1. Per shift?
          2. Chairs?
          3. General distribution to booster club members?
      1. Xcel State:  March 23-25.  Bid given to VEGA.  Low profit margin.
      2. American Ninja Warrior Day. Lead Devon Ebbing.  Group felt June was better than August.
      3. Buffalo Wild Wings.  Lead Dean Evans.  Details to come.
      4. Burgerville. Lead Dean.  Details to come.
      5. New leotards - GK, Plumraiser, AlphaFactor - Lead Rita.  If you are interested in holiday leotards contact Rita to participate in a Leo fundraiser.
      6. Whimpsie Chocolates.  Noel brought it up.  Lead needed.  Local, 30% back.  No minimum order.  If interested, contact Noel.
  1. Holiday Adopt a Family.  Lead Renee.  We will be adopting a family for the holidays through Open House Ministries.  Girls have loved this in the past.
  2. Next Meeting set for Thursday, November 30th at 6:30 PM in the preschool room given December is hard with first meets and the holidays.
  3. A motion to adjourn was made by Annette Ferren at 7:43 PM, second by Lyn Y.
  Attendance: Chad Weaver Lois Hinckley Noel Austin Rita Sanders Bree Davis Devon Ebbing Dean Evans Kelly Evans Stacy Newell Natalie Alvarez Tonya Wright Annette Ferrin Lyn Y Kristina Oviatt Ali Helmer Liz Pavenko Andy Orzotti Adrian Guirdo Soomi Chang Brianne Burdick Koreen Ray Kristy Johnson Deanna Mutschler Louise Strong