August 2017 Meeting Minutes

Naydenov Booster Club Minutes 8/31/2017

  1. Meeting called to order by Lois Hinckley at 6:00 PM.
  2. A motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made by Kelly Evans, second by Deanna Mutschler.
  3. Officer Reports.
    • President - N/A
    • VP of C&C - holding pattern until USAG night. Assessment estimates are done pending the vote for the budget tonight. Discussed using Melissa to help Randi at GWGF given the increased cost of flight and hotel.
    • VP of Fundraising - see below
    • Secretary - N/A
    • Treasurer - Position transitions officially 9/1/17 to Noel Austin. Michaela will continue as Finance Committee Chair to help with the transition process.
    • Assistant Treasurer - Position transitions officially 9/1/17 to Bree Davis.
  4. Chair Reports
    • Social Media Chair report - Annette reported positive feedback for our new public Facebook page content and is, as always, open to feedback. She is requesting pictures and video during the upcoming gymnastics season to celebrate all of our gymnasts. Dean and Annette will work together with Devon to update the NBC website.
    • Rock and Roll Chairs - Chad discussed we are getting our sanction this week - to start accepting reservations for gyms to attend
  5. UnfinishedBusiness
    1. Fundraising:
      • Shaved Ice profits: $50; Dippin Dots profits from Ninja Warrior Day $110
      • Chipotle Fundraiser - Annette Ferren brought up idea. Schedule on a Sunday or Monday from 4-9 PM. Receive 50% of net sales generated.  Suggest at least 100 people to make it successful.  I-9 form needed.  Chipotle gives us a flyer for people to hand in when they order.
      • Plumraiser - Rita discussed doing this leo fundraiser. We earn $5 per leo ordered.
    2. Proposed Budget for 2017-2018 - Vote to members.
      • Deanna recommended to increase copying budget from $50 to $100
      • We made enough money from the State meet to cover our budget for this year. There is roughly $15 per gymnast getting distributed from state to returning gymnasts. We were very successful with R&R 2017 profits and unlike previous years those funds were distributed in last year’s assessments.  Typically, our profits are distributed at the following season by USAG night to returning gymnasts.  We will continue with the typical pattern of distribution prior to USAG night going forward.
      • Budget was approved by the majority. No objections.
    3. USAG night: Sept 14th at 5:30 to 7:30 PM.
    4. New Parent Orientation Sept 6th 6 PM to 7 PM in the preschool room
  6. New Business
    1. Vote on coach training fund either 1) distribute the money evenly (roughly $125 if 8 coaches go) or 2) distribute the money differently between optional coaches (ex $150) and compulsory (ex $100). Booster club unanimously voted to distribute evenly up to a predetermined maximum.
    2. Vote on increasing session payments for coaches, giving our optional and compulsory coaches a $25 per session raise. Booster club unanimously voted to increase the session payments. No opposition.
    3. We discussed per diem for food expenses for coaches and opted to discuss this further in the future.
    4. Revision of ByLaws are in the works by your board. However, at USAG night members need to sign a form that they have and understand the ByLaws. We will e-mail out the current ByLaws. Please understand that we are working to improve them in the very near future.  Changes will be brought to a vote.
    5. Revision of the Financial Proceedings are in the works by your board/Treasurer. More to come.
    6. Leotard measurements this week for competition leotard ordering on USAG night. Gina discussed different leotard options. Randi will come up with leotards to vote on, with predicted costs presented. We do get a GK discount since Jordan is on Team US.  Warm ups will be day 2 (Under Armor).
      • Optional gymnast sizing - 9/1/17 starting at 6:30 PM
      • Compulsory Day Team sizing - Pending
      • Compulsory Evening Team sizing - Sept 8th starting at 5 pm
  7. Next booster club meeting set: Thursday, October 5th at 6:30 PM in Naydenov Preschool room
  8. A motion to adjourn was made by Renee Weaver at 7:35, second by Michaela Buyers.
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