May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Naydenov Booster Club Minutes May 31, 2017

  Meeting called to order at 6:35pm by Jennifer Villegas and Kelly Evans Attendance: Per attached sign in sheet OLD BUSINESS- Previous meeting minutes approved by a show of hands –Majority approved. NEW BUSINESS
  1. Social Media Position – Brought up by Annette Ferren, mom of Finley. She was interested in starting and managing a Facebook page, as well as keeping up the NBC website, for NBC.  These sites would be places for information regarding the gymnasts with a focus on team spirit and promotion of the team.  The majority of NBC members quickly and eagerly agreed to the development and fulfillment of the this position as suggested and offered.  However, it would not be a board position.  Annette accepted and agreed.  More details to be decided once the new board has organized.
  2. Fundraising
    1. Sutton’s Tropical Shaved Ice Fundraiser. Brought up by Annette Ferren.  Sutton’s set up kiosks, bring all supplies.  They give 20% of net sales to our Booster Club.  Event could be here at Naydenov during the summer.  Chad Weaver mentioned he owns a shaved ice machine.  He offered that the older gymnasts can run it and can give 100% of profit of that.  $2.50 for a block of ice makes 50 snow cones.  $60 for syrups.  Chad has a food handler’s permit.  It was not decided as to whether we should proceed with Sutton’s or not.  Chad and Annette agreed to talk more after the meeting.
    2. Dippin Dots Fundraiser. Brought up by Annette.  They would give 20% of profits to NBC at an event.
  1. New parents. It was mentioned that team mom information needed to be updated given all the recent team and gymnast changes.  This responsibility will fall to the new secretary.
  2. Board member elections.
    1. President: Chad Weaver and Dean Evans ran for this position.  Dean was the interim president from December 2016 through to present.  Chad has run Rock and Roll Classic, NBC’s big event of the year, for the past few years.
      1. Results: Chad Weaver elected by popular vote (Liz Bondarchuk tallied, confirmed by Devon Ebbing after the meeting)
    2. VP of Communications: Deanna Mutschler promised to assist her successor.  Lois Hinckley was nominated by Devon Ebbing.  Lois accepted.
    3. VP of Fundraising: Kelly Evans discussed responsibilities as primarily organizing Moda and heavily assisting in R&R.  Other fundraisers include GK leo sales.  She stated many people offered many ideas but it was hard to get as much follow through.  No one was nominated and no one volunteered for this position.
    4. Secretary: Devon Ebbing volunteered to do this position if Jennifer Villegas did not want to continue in her roll.  Jennifer encouraged Devon to run unopposed.
    5. Treasurer: Christy Minor reminded the group that the term of this position actually runs through August 31st to allow for transition and training.  Michaela Byers declined to run again.  Jason Minor was nominated by Chad Weaver but declined the position.
    6. Assistant Treasurer. Christine Donabedian discussed responsibilities including making deposits and checking the NBC folder/locker.  No one was nominated and no one volunteer for this position.
  1. Rock and Roll Classic –Chad reminded the group that Rock and Roll was not only our biggest fundraising event of the year, but this event was also a source of pride and accomplishment to our gymnasts as their home meet. He encouraged all to participate to make it successful financially as well was personally.
  2. New competitive leotards and warms ups - potentially newly created. Will be GK warms ups with Naydenov sublimated.  Tiffany has been involved in the decision as is tradition for the head coach.  Colors in consideration:  Red, white, and blue; or turquoise and white; or turquoise and black.
  Meeting moved to be adjourned at 7:15 pm by Deanna Mutscher.  Seconded by Kelly Evans. Team moms Brittni’s compulsory team:  Annette Ferren Renee’s compulsory team:  Nancy Hill Optional:  Coach Tiffany Xcel:  Coach Joy - soon to be Coach Melissa
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