July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Naydenov Booster Club  Minutes 7/20/2017


Devon Ebbing                Nita Vaillancourt
 Christy Minor                Rita Sanders
 Stacy Newell                  Renee Weaver
 Elizabeth Pavenko       Michaela Howard
 Annette Ferren             Lois Hinckley
 Gordon Thomas           Chad Weaver
  1. Meeting called to order by Chad Weaver at 6:05, seconded by Renee Weaver.  Attendance attached.
  2. Previous meeting minutes were approved.
  3. Old Business
    1. Approval of candidates for board positions. All Board member positions were voted in unanimously.
      1. VP of Fundraising: Rita Sanders
      2. Treasurer: Noel Austin
      3. Assistant Treasurer: Bree Davis
      4. Outgoing president board position was accepted by Dean Evans (this is a position to assist the board in any activities or positions in need of support)
4.   Fundraising
  1. Shaved Ice: Suttons event scheduled for 7/28/17 from 12:30 to 3:30.  20% of profits go to NBC to be distributed to the general fund for next year’s budget
  2. Dippin' Dots: Event scheduled for 8/25/17 from 12:30 to 3:30.  20% of the profits go to NBC to be distributed to the general fund for next year’s budget
  3. Rock and Roll Classic (aka R&R): Our home competition and largest fundraising event of the year.  L2-10, Jan 19-21 at Clark County Event Center.  Please clear your calendar now to volunteer for this event.  We will need support setting up on Wednesday or Thursday and will need volunteers early Friday morning through late Sunday night to run the meet and tear down equipment.  The more volunteer input, the more successful the meet financially and the better PR Naydenov has in the gymnastics community.  Volunteering is important as it limits expenses of outside hire; the profits are distributed to returning gymnasts towards their assessments for the following competitive year.
  4. Kevin (gym owner) brought up a variety of thoughts on general fundraising. Kevin discussed non-profit profit sharing and that there are a variety of ways we could distribute profits. We can distribute different percentages to different levels.  We cannot divide the profits based on who did the work.  He discussed offering paid contract positions instead of meet chairs for R&R; they would be subjected to 1099 taxation if payment exceeded $600.  Michaela Buyers, current treasurer, suggested creating a budget for the contractors as well as costs for the meet and total budge being available to all members of NBC.  The board will work on this over the next few weeks and present it to the members.
  1. NewBusiness
    1. Budget Planning for 2017-2018 season. The board will work on this over the next few weeks and it will be e-mailed out for NBC members to review.  There will be a BRIEF meeting on Thursday, August 31st at 6:30 PM (yes, the day after most schools start session) to approve the budget.  If anyone has questions or concerns, please direct them to a board member BEFORE the meeting so that we have time to formulate a thoughtful reply or improvement.
      1. Coach Training Funds were discussed. In previous years, more monies were available for coach training.  Last year, this was decreased as we had experienced coaches and had less profit from R&R to support coach training.  Members discussed increasing coach training funds given our many new coaches.  However, we discussed reimbursement as contingent on attending and participating in the training events.  Kevin encouraged ongoing events like the Tammy Biggs Clinic done recently, bringing coach training to our gym.  He encouraged break even events for these clinics.
      2. General Fundraising: We discussed that our budget for the 2017-2018 season has been met by our profits from the 2017 meets.  Other general fundraising for the this season will go towards the 2018-2019 Budget, which includes 2019 R&R, the National Fund, Coach Training Fund, and general distribution to the returning gymnasts for the following season.
    2. ByLaws and Financial Procedures. The financial procedures have not been updated in many years and are out of date.  Michaela offered to update these prior to her term completion.  This includes a clear and consistent process for delinquent accounts.  If accounts are not in good standing, coaches will pull gymnasts from competitions.  Many of the ByLaws are similarly outdated.  The board will work on improvements/updates and bring this to the members for approval.
    3. Scholarship Fund: There is a scholarship fund available to a family/families with hardship.  This will be handled by the board confidentially as a temporary support.
    4. USAG Night: Run by Deanna Mutschler.  Set for Thursday, September 14th.  It’s a new leotard year; we purchase new team leotards every two years.  Leotards have been picked by Coach Tiffany and Jordan and will debu at P&G National Competition in CA, August 15th.  In the past, competition leotards, warm ups, and backpacks have run $300-$500 per set.  However, most of us have been able to pay for our competition leotards through profits from R&R and other fundraising activities.  Your account must be in good standing (it must be fully paid!) to participate in USAG night and compete in the upcoming season.  You will need to input $200 into your gymnast’s account on USAG night.  If any new parents have questions or concerns, please contact a board member.
    5. Plan for New Parent Orientation: Chad Weaver will run this, date to be determined.  If you are a new parent, please reach out to him by using the president’s e-mail:  naydenovpresident@gmail.com.   Names and e-mails for your board members are posted on our NBC website: http://www.naydenovboosterclub.org/
    6. Team Fun: Parents are organizing “Ninja Warrior Day” on August 25th, to start at 12:30 PM.  This is open to the Naydenov Team members and siblings who want to participate.  We will need parent volunteers to make this successful and safe.  Please let Devon Ebbing know if you would like to help:  devon-elizabeth@msn.com.  She will be pro-active about volunteers closer to the event as needed.  🙂
  2. Set Next Meeting: Thursday, August 31st at 6:30 PM.
  3. Adjourned at 7:04 PM, motion called by Renee Weaver, seconded by Elizabeth Bondarchuk.
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