November 2016 Meeting Minutes

NBC November 17, 2016 Naydenov Gymnastic Jennifer Villegas, Secretary of the Booster Club, called the meeting to order at 6:10pm. Attendance: Per attached sign in sheet OLD BUSINESS- 2016-2017 October meeting minutes approved as motioned by Jennifer Villegas and 2nd by Christine Donabedian called for vote of hands –Majority (7 hands) approved. NEW BUSINESS
  1. Jake Ausmus reined as president.Following the by-laws, the board collectively nominated Dean Evans to be Board President. Dean Evans accepted nomination – Voted (7 hands) approved.
  1. R & R
  2. Rock & Roll Classic will be held at Clark County Event Center
  3.       4 sessions per day for 3 days. First session of day starts at 8pm.  Last session of day starts at 8pm. Session must end no later than 1030pm.
  4.       Set up Thursday 4pm / Tear down Sunday after last session.
iii.      Friday Compulsory - one session will be level 4/5 split. (Times to be determined.)
  1.       Saturday Optionals – one session will be level 6/8 split. (Times to be determined.)
  2.       Sunday Excel
  3. will be used to fill volunteer shifts. Email will be sent out soon. Please sign up by using gymnast full name. Spots will also be available in for individuals to sign up to bring food for volunteers.
  4. Proposed Distribution of R&R funds 49% to General fund, 1% to Elite fund and 50% to volunteer Fund. NOTE: Profits in General Fund will be used to complete fiscal year budget before being distributed to members. Candace Ray motioned to vote. Show of 7 hands. Proposal approved.
  5. Accounting records have been completely transferred to Quick books. Members can expect to start receiving monthly emails regarding individual account information. First month or two may look weird.
  6. All competition meet fees will be deducted from gymnast account after meet is complete. Please have funds available before meet occurs. Original amount given at the beginning of the season was an estimate but should be very close final costs.
  The Next NBC meeting will be held on December 13th 2016 at 6PM in the preschool room. Meeting was moved to be adjourned at 6:45pm by Jennifer Villegas and 2nd by Dean Evans.
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