June 2016 Meeting Minutes

NBC June 21, 2016 Naydenov Gymnastic Jake Ausmus, President of the Booster Club, called the meeting to order at 6:03pm. Copies of the March 15th 2016 meeting minutes were approved as motioned by Christine Donabedian and 2nd by Cheryl Voukidis. Attendance: Per attached sign in sheet OLD BUSINESS- Approved NEW BUSINESS
  1. Fundraising
    1. Working on getting link for Fred Meyer rewards to be put on NBC website. Candace Ray
    2. PUD Car Wash: Cheryl Voukidis and Christine Donabedian
      1. Possible fundraiser for individual team.
    3. Moda Center
      1. Chad Weaver is taking over fundraiser.
      2. Excel parents participation approved.
  1. R & R
    1. Meeting to be held today at 7pm.
  1. Bylaw Revisions
    1. Duties for chair of VP of C&C that will remain.
      1. Will participate in ordering Leo’s.
      2. Will participate in getting sizes for gymnast shirts, shorts, etc. that would be provided to host meets.
  • Will not keep track of coaches expiring certificates. (vote was unanimous)
  1. New Chairs
    1. Chad and Renee Weaver and Candance Ray will chair New Parent & Gymnast Orientation
      1. Tuesday August 23rd at 6pm will be New Parent & Gymnast Orientation
      2. Will address New Member one-time payment
        1. To vote on Booster Club issues each new member per family pay $25.
      3. Social Media Specialist- CHAIR POSITION REMAINS UNFILLED
        1. POSITION consists of:
          1. Update website and Booster Club Facebook with current photos.
          2. Several offers to help.
          3. Request for Kevin to update his Facebook.
        2. USAG Night Chair- Elizabeth Bondarchuk
          1. Thursday September 8th 5-7pm
  1. Bylaws revise by unanimous vote to remove requirement for meeting start time.
  2. Board Positions filled
    1. President- Jake Ausmus
    2. VP of Fundraising- Kelly Evans
    3. VP of C&C- Cheryl Voukidis & Deanna Mutschler
    4. Secretary- Jennifer Villegas
    5. Treasurer- Michaela Howard & Candace Ray
    6. Assistant club treasurer- Christine Donabedian
The Next NBC meeting will be held on August 16th 2016 at 6PM in the preschool room. Meeting was moved to be adjourned at 6:13pm by Renee Weaver and 2nd by Deanna Mutschler
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