December 2015 Meeting Minutes

NBC December 10, 2015 Naydenov Gymnastic

Jake Ausmus, President of the Booster Club, called the meeting to order at 6:07pm. Copies of the November 18th meeting minutes were approved as motioned by Chad Weaver and 2nd by Rene Weaver Attendance: Per attached sign in sheet OLD BUSINESS Tax preparation and Book keeping:Our 3 month tax extension has been filedMichaela to bring quotes to December meeting (Still Pending) Estimated $500 per year for tax prep and $40 per month for book keeping It was voted that the benefit from cloths for a cause can be used to cover this expense that is not included in our 2015/2016 budget. NEW BUSINESS General Fundraiser:Leo Sale with Cathy Norris to be re-communicated through team parent.Bylaw Revisions as Approved Jake Ausmus to find out where the working copy of our current bylaws are kept and update the document with the revisions as approved by the booster club.The revised documents need to be posted to our NBC website. Storage Facility Chair: Chad Weaver Naydenov Gymnastics is requiring us to relocate our supplies that are currently being stored inside of the truck trailer on campus. No other options onsite are available to the booster club at this time.Chad to look into best location and set up a move for this weekend. Fundraising Renting an Entire Movie theater and selling tickets could be a good fundraiserThe Fred Meyer Fundraising Chair: Candace Ray Documentation for sign ups has been requested    R & R Meet: Attendance is better, all indications are that we can break even with costsCandace Ray has offered to help rewrite the sponsorship request document. Charles Ledbury may be able to assist with gathering sponsors Judges have not been confirmed at this time. We need a microwave and refrigerator for the hospitality area.   Coaching Concerns: Coach Brittany may have been told that the booster club would not pay for her to attend the upcoming meets. She currently coaches gymnasts as the 3, 4 and 5 levels.We need to gather and share the following information: (Jake Ausmus) Is she USAG certified?Can the parents pay additional and what should the amount be should they choose to? It was mentioned that Kevin might be willing to pay for this expense if necessary. Next NBC meeting will be held on January 14, 2015 at 6 PM in the preschool room. Meeting was moved to Adjourned at 6:45pm by Rene Weaver and second by Chad Weaver  
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